The Truth Shall Make You Free: Inspirational Bible Verses for Real Life

Does the Bible seem like a closed book to you because of the archaic language and references to cultures that have no relevance to the way you live today?

Are you tired of going to church and hearing the same old platitudes and dogma that have been repeated for centuries and have no real meaning to you?

Are you frustrated by hearing things like "die to self and follow Christ," because you have no idea what that actually means or how to do it--or worse, you believe it means you have to martyr yourself? (It doesn't!)

Have you had it with being talked down to by holier-than-thou religious folk, who seem so perfect and sinless that you wonder if they're even human?

Do you walk into church and then walk right back out again because you just can't take the plastic smiles and hypocrisy, or because you are afraid to be sucked into some kind of cult?

If this is where you find yourself, do not be discouraged! You are not alone--in fact, you are in good company. Take heart in knowing that God loves you exactly the way you are, and that you have a spiritual home right here if you want it.

You will find little-known inspirational Bible verses, fresh insights into Scripture relating to the issues you face every day, real life testimonies from real people (under construction), Bible commentary, free online Bible studies, and more!

But even better than that--even if you read no further--you are receiving the opportunity to embark on the adventure of a lifetime--your own relationship with God! As anyone who has ever walked with God can attest, the benefits of this path completely surpass all human understanding.

Imagine if you had a friend and lover, someone who knows you more intimately than your spouse or even your parents--someone who knows exactly what you need in each moment, and is not only willing, but able to give it to you! What if you could talk to this person about anything--no matter how strange, outrageous, embarrassing, or personal--and he would listen, without judgment, and provide the perfect solution to any problem you faced?

This is what life can be like, should you choose to lay your fears aside and open up your relationship with God. You don't have to read any further--just simply close your eyes, quiet your mind, and begin your conversation with the One who has been waiting so long to hear your voice...

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